Let our AI uncover your lost revenue for free.

For a limited time, Sift Healthcare is offering a free Denials Assessment to help your health system quantify missed revenue and avoidable write-offs from preventable denials.

See If Your Organization Qualifies For Sift's Free Denials Assessment 

Preventable Denials

Sift's AI prevents denials before claims are created or submitted. 

Sift's Denials Assessment identifies preventable denials you may be missing, provides recommendations for upstream interventions and equips your team with actionable denials analytics to drive process improvement in your revenue cycle. 

Identify avoidable write-offs from claim denials

IDENTIFY denials that could be prevented in the mid-cycle

Machine learning to prevent denials in the middle revenue cycle

DRIVE predictive models that  prevent denials before claims are submitted

root cause denials analysis

PROVIDE detailed and actionable analytics around root causes

How To Prevent Denials

Don’t let preventable denials hurt your hospital system’s health.

Get Sift’s free denials check-up.

In this free Denials Assessment, Sift will analyze your claims, coding and CDI data with our AI tools and deliver a report that identifies preventable denials and shows you how you can significantly reduce the denials with upstream, mid-cycle interventions.