2023 Insights Report

Unleashing Advanced Analytics for Denials Prevention

Observations and actionable recommendations from Sift's annual review of claims and remittance data.

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The Sift Healthcare Denials Insights takes an in-depth look at the key drivers of denials, payer behavior changes, and follow-up efficacy. This annual review brings our findings to the surface to help accelerate payer reimbursement and reduce overall denials. Download your copy today.

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  • Gain valuable insights: Learn from Sift's Denials Experts as they uncover observations and provide actionable recommendations based on their annual review.
  • Improve performance: Identify the root causes of denials in 2023 and improve your organization's performance in tackling these challenges.
  • Foster collaboration: Discover the importance of cross-departmental collaboration between clinical, coding, and billing departments to effectively manage denials.
Empowering Decisions with Data
Sift's AI continuously mines a healthcare system’s entire revenue cycle data stream, providing insights that deliver clarity, assurance, and actionable next steps. Through Sift’s ML-based decision support solutions, providers gain a higher level of visibility and intelligence, which is necessary for today’s more complex and ever-evolving reimbursement landscape.

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Revisit our 2022 Report

Last year’s Denials Insight Report took an in-depth look at the key drivers of denials and payer behavior changes in 2022. Download the 2022 report to go even deeper into recent denial trends.