2022 Insights Report

Overcome Denials and Optimize Reimbursement

Insights and improvement tactics for healthcare’s most challenging reimbursement issues.


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The Sift Healthcare 2022 Denials Insights report examines root causes, procedural pain points, and expectations for the future of the healthcare industry’s most prevalent denials. Download your copy of the report today for expert analysis and advice on ways to manage follow-up work, prevent denials, optimize payments, and accelerate revenue.

Data-based Insights & Actionable Takeaways

Results you can apply.

Sift’s expert analysts reviewed the past year of claims and remittance data to understand the year’s top denials issues - and solutions to address them. Clear insights and actionable takeaways to optimize denials management and improve performance.

Get to the bottom of healthcare’s toughest reimbursement challenges, including:

  • CARC 197 denials and response time
  • CARC 227 denials and patient information
  • Handling multiple eligibility denials
  • Denials due to payer process/requirement changes
  • Managing lags in open balances
  • And more!
Optimized Payer Reimbursement and A/R Follow-up,
Backed By Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Sift’s AI and machine learning demystify healthcare payments by integrating actionable intelligence into revenue cycle workflows.

Healthcare providers that partner with Sift gain access to the Rev/Track suite of Intelligence Tools and machine learning workflow interventions that optimize payer reimbursement. 
  • Detailed analysis of claims and remittance data
  • A clear, near real-time view of payer trends
  • Integrated workflow interventions that improve A/R follow-up, prevent denials and minimize avoidable write-offs
  • Operational intelligence and automation recommendations that equip you to make the best use of your staff's time and talent

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Meet the Sift Experts

Dominic Foscato Headshot color
Dominic Foscato
VP of Growth & Client Operations
With broad and in-depth knowledge of AI, automation, and revenue cycle operations, Dom leverages his deep expertise and practical analytics to execute revenue cycle digital transformations.
Blake Sollenberger
VP of Product & Client Success
With first-hand experience in leading revenue cycle operations, Blake approaches Product and Client success keenly, ensuring clients realize the full benefits of Sift’s ML and payments intelligence.
Ryan Bingham
Principal, Customer Success 
Ryan delivers detailed denials insights to Sift clients, helping them formulate action plans that measurably improve their A/R follow-up and denials prevention operations.